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Art With A message

 Introducing Conceptual Art To High School Students


New York State Learning Standards – Commencement Level


Visual Arts:         Standard 1 – Creating, Performing & Participating in the Arts

Standard 2 – Knowing & Using Arts Materials & Resources

Standard 3 – Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art

Standard 4 – Understanding the Cultural Contributions of the Arts


MST:                      Standard 2 – Using Information Systems


Essential Questions:


1.       “ How can an artist express an idea in both a two and three dimensional format?

2.       “How does using the two formats change the way the message is perceived to the viewer?”

3.       “ How does the power of advertising and mass media affect us as a culture?”


The Unit In Action:


I.                    Presentation of Student Introduction to the Unit ( overview of Holzer & Kruger)


II.                  Development of conceptual piece by students/’Truisms in Action” (“ How can you combine words and images to create a more powerful  message/’)


III.                Demonstration of sculptural process using process photography – making the castings.


IV.                Finished pieces>Gallery Cards> Installation


V.                  Unit Extensions> Relay for Life> Technology Showcase


VI.                Inspiration and Thanks




Contact Information:


Donnalyn Shuster

 Frankfort- Schuyler Middle School

Frankfort, NY



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.